Time to vote in Redmond

July 26, 2012

It’s crunch time in the 1st District primary.

Some candidates are relying on Super PACs or their own personal fortunes to bombard voters with TV ads and slick mailers.1 Not Darcy Burner—she’s relying on the grass roots.

She’s crisscrossing the district talking about her plan to fix our broken Congress and holding forums with retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton about how critical it is that we bring our troops and our money home from Afghanistan.2

Darcy’s talking about the real issues, but she needs our help. Ballots have already arrived in voters’ mailboxes, so if you haven’t already, please cast your ballot for Darcy today. And let your friends and neighbors know why you’re voting for Darcy—voters respond to personal appeals from people they trust much more than to paid advertising.

Then, come help get the word out about Darcy. Volunteers are meeting from King County all the way up to the Canadian border—and there’s an office near you. Click here to sign up for a shift:

Darcy is committed to providing good jobs for the middle class. And she’s unequivocal in her support of the programs that working families rely on: Medicare and Social Security.

No matter who wins in November, we can be sure that Republicans and conservative Democrats are going to continue to seek a “grand bargain” that sacrifices Social Security and Medicare on the altar of deficit reduction. That’s why having someone who’ll stand up for our values—even if that means standing up to her own party—is so critical.

From her work organizing progressives in Congress as the head of Progressive Congress to the “Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq” she developed in 2008 with a group of retired military officers, Darcy Burner is the only candidate in the race who has the experience to lead in Washington, not just be another vote.

But she doesn’t have deep pockets or a Super PAC backing her. So she needs our help getting the word out. Can you help by volunteering for her campaign in the next few days?
Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Levana, and the rest of the team


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