More Than 8,100 Donors Have Show Their Support for Darcy Burner’s Grassroots Campaign

July 11, 2012

(Redmond, WA) – The results for the quarter are in — in the last quarter contributions came from more than 4,300 donors, doubling the total number of donors to Darcy Burner’s campaign to more than 8,100. The average contribution size was just over $30 this quarter.

“This is truly a people-powered campaign,” Burner said. “I’m excited that so many people are supporting our message of ending the war in Afghanistan, fixing our broken Congress and bringing good jobs to hard-working Americans.”

In the last quarter, Darcy received contributions from every county in the First District. Campaign contributors range from retirees to unemployed workers; from a beekeeper to a hospital chaplain; from software engineers and teachers to crane operators and letter carriers. Darcy’s message resonates with people who work hard for a living and people who want to work hard for a living.

Here’s what contributors are saying about Darcy:

“Darcy will help to end the war in Afghanistan. I am extremely concerned that we are wasting thousands of our wonderful servicemen and women’s lives, along with trillions of dollars that could be spent here for infrastructure repair, jobs, health care, education and many other worthwhile areas that have had their budgets decimated recently.”
– Penny in Woodinville

“She’s a progressive who isn’t afraid to fight with those forces that want to take away our liberties and impoverish us all for their own benefit. So she gets me, I get her, and she has my vote.”
– Gayland in Ferndale

“I support Darcy because I believe she is the most progressive candidate running for Washington’s CD#1 seat and because she has really thought through and analyzed many of the systemic and policy issues facing us.”
– Mark in Point Roberts

“Darcy is a young progressive who knows how to solve the intractable issues that are currently driving this country into a ditch.”
– Marilyn in Kenmore

“We support Darcy because she has taken the time to become knowledgeable about the important issues of the day such as the war in Afghanistan. She has taken strong positions that may be unpopular in some circles but which may actually solve real problems. Darcy has an analytical mind and she’s problem-solver. She has built coalitions in Washington State and Washington, DC that will enable her to be an effective congressperson.”
– Jim and Peggy in Ferndale

In the second quarter, Darcy raised more than $178,000, bringing her to nearly half a million dollars raised from more than 8,100 donors in support of her campaign to represent Washington’s First Congressional District.

Earlier this week, Darcy was endorsed by, joining a list of progressive, Democratic, labor and other organizations supporting her campaign.