Darcy magazine

July 17, 2012

I know it’s contrary to conventional wisdom, but I think that voters deserve more respect than they usually get from politicians. Darcy wholeheartedly agrees with me. So instead of sending out oversized postcards that contain no actual information, our team has put together a mail piece with substantial information about Darcy and her positions; we believe that if voters have the information they need, they’ll make the right decision. Check out Darcy magazine.

Darcy MagazineDarcy magazine is an in-depth piece that is fun to read and, most of all, lets voters really get to know Darcy. Our magazine isn’t made of one-liners and cropped graphics – instead we convey how Darcy will fight for your progressive values and will fight for all Americans who work hard for a living.

This is where you come in – we need to get our magazine in voters’ hands today. Ballots arrive at the end of this week and for every $10, sixteen more voters will see the magazine.

Can you donate $14 today?

We are honored to have the support of thousands of teachers, engineers, moms and retirees who have sent us $3, $14 or $25. When we cross the finish line and when we win, it will be because of your support.

Help us get Darcy Magazine into every voters’ hands. Will you click here to give $14 today?

Thank you!

- Mario

Mario Piscatella
Campaign Manager, Darcy Burner for Congress

P.S. Ballots will be in mailboxes on July 20th – click here to donate $14 today.